! Our Opening Times Have Changed !

We are now open between 7am and 5pm at all stores except Grays which is open until 5.30pm Monday – Saturday

About us 

For over 40 years, we at Hannah’s bakery have been creating only the best and highest quality bakes to ensure that our customers are more than satisfied with not only the food we offer but the services provided by our enthusiastic and caring staff. Offering our community the best-baked goods in Thurrock and better yet, Essex! Providing you with our delicious range of cakes, our mouth-watering sandwiches, our golden flaky baked savouries and hot snacks as well as providing you with our freshly made bread, baked in-store every single day to offer you the best and only the best!

Our Passion

Summarising our passion in a few words is impossible, so instead of writing about it, we embody it. Baking is more than just a passion to us. It’s a lifestyle that we embrace to its full potential so we can bring our creations to life. Trying new recipes to share with our loyal customers and being part of the joy our products bring inspires us to create something new each week, as well as keeping the classic bakes that we enjoy making and you enjoy eating!


We value locally sourced ingredients from reliable suppliers, with who we maintain a positive relationship with to ensure that we are able to produce the best confectionary on a regular schedule to ensure our quality never falters. In addition to this, we hold the belief that high-quality food should be enjoyed by everyone at an affordable price!

Whether you have a sweet tooth or are more savoury sided, Hannah’s will have the thing for you!

Our History 

After many successful years in one location, Hannah’s Bakeries expanded further into Essex, eventually opening new branch shops such as Grays, Tilbury, Stifford, and Aveley, now totaling 7 extraordinary bakeries across Essex, each continuing to serve the local community. The traditional craft principles that formed the business remain, with an expanding repertoire of sweet treats, bread, and scrumptious sandwiches.

Our Values


Providing our customers with the best-baked goods in Essex, our staff are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible at Hannah’s, going above and beyond to ensure that you receive the highest standards of food and the best customer service possible! For every staff member here at Hannah’s, dedication is important and is shown in the production of each bun, cake, and sandwich that is created for you.


Enjoying the classics is always a great way to start your week, as is allowing your taste buds to explore new flavours. We invest our time in not only the perfection of the classics but by offering our customers a new range of creations to experience. It’s not only about the quality here at Hannah’s but also allowing our customers to have the full Hannah’s experience of premium creations!


We are forever grateful for the continued support we receive from our loyal customer base but we also maintain the value of loyalty here at Hannah’s where giving back is if not more important than the support we receive. Hannah’s Bakeries regularly donate food to charities, fundraising events and are part of the TooGoodToGo scheme to decrease food wastage. Here at Hannah’s, loyalty is a two-way system where we also give back to our supportive and generous community.